Happy Hair

The first time I ever dyed my hair I was still in high school and I dyed it myself at home using a box colour. I selected a rich red colour and I remember the feeling of liking it red but as I grew older I became absolutely against any red in my hair whatsoever. [...]

Daily Prompt #2

What makes you most anxious? Can I say everything? Because I tend to keep my day to day life pretty ‘safe’ I don’t really need to get nervous over big things like flying or public speaking but it’s the little things that affect me. I get anxious talking to people on the phone that I [...]

Back To Basics

Every now and again I buy a new skincare product because of the hype around it or because an influencer has been paid to say it’s their favourite product ever and yes I am 41 years old and still falling for it! I managed to get my hands on a travel size of Charlotte Tilbury [...]

World Book Day

Reading is honestly one of my favourite things to do. I absolutely love escaping into a good book. I have to read every night before I go to sleep, it helps me to relax and switch off. I listen to audiobooks throughout the day while I am doing chores or driving, I realised recently that [...]

School Run Mum OOTD

This is really just an appreciation post for my new Bomber jacket from Zara. From the slightly dropped hem, the orange lining, the ruched detail across the back and on the sleeves I quite simply couldn't love it more. I think the other Mums at our school are going to have to get used to [...]

I Had A Baby

I haven't written a blog post about having a newborn and I am bitterly disappointed in myself for not blogging during those first few months. So many of the milestones, thoughts and feelings have been forgotten in the blur of sleepless nights, breast feeding and nappy changing . It would have been wonderful for me, [...]

Life Begins At 40

Isn't life funny? Life begins at 40. I have heard that saying so many times, haven't we all? But I never thought it would be truly relevant to me. I had a modelling career which inevitably ended when I got 'too old' (I was about 28 years old), I had a struggle with fertility, I [...]

Meet The Morlands

Book Review I love reading. I would much rather sit and read a great book than watch a film. I can remember being an awkward teenager feeling embarrassed to admit that I enjoy reading, so that is one benefit of growing older... I can finally admit that I love reading. I read every night before [...]

Recent Empties

I find other peoples Empties posts really quite interesting so I am hoping you will enjoy mine. I had run out and already repurchased the first product in my list and it got me thinking that I have a few other product bottles waiting to be recycled. In fact I realised I have 8 products [...]

Mini Reiss haul

What a day! I ventured out shopping today to buy something other than food and it was quite pleasant. I am not a big fan of busy shopping centres at the best of times and at the moment it seems that not every one is rushing out shopping now that they can. Westfield Stratford City [...]

Daily Prompt #3

Daily writing promptWhat tattoo do you want and where would you put it?View all responses Today's Daily Prompt has such great timing! A History Of My Tattoos I really love tattoos. I especially love lots of small meaningful tattoos. I currently have 5 small tattoos on different parts of my body and I still love [...]