Parenting is time consuming… Who knew?

Since I started this website I go to bed every night thinking ‘i’ll write that blog post tomorrow…’ but do I get a chance? Nope! I even read books about ‘how to blog’ and ‘blogging for beginners’ and even ‘how to write blog posts your readers will love’. Soon i’ll be running lectures on being the perfect blogger without even writing a blog post.

Every single person I know knows that I am a chatterbox. I don’t stop. My brain does not stop. I over think over thinking so goes without saying that I have seriously over thought this blog post. So before I have even started I have writers block. Help.

I planned to write witty stories about parenting or beauty products or just life in general but then I remember i’m just me being a mum 24/7 and nothing particularly witty happens to me. Actually that’s a lie I have hilarious 20 month twin toddlers that I should be able to find pages and pages of inspiration from. I manage to convince myself every night while i’m in bed reading ‘2 million steps to becoming the best blogger of all time’ that I can find 15 minutes during the day to write 500 words *insert laughing emoji*. From 7am to 7pm my boys don’t quit. For the last couple days we’ve been staying at my mums and its chaos. They grab… the broadband box, the landline phone, all mobile phones, the laptop, reading glasses, sunglasses, mugs, purses, wallets, picture frames, the tv, candles. They open drawers, move tables, push chairs, open cabinets, search handbags, rip magazines, tear pages from books but they also give cuddles, give kisses, say ‘mama’ hold my hand and just have to smile at me to make all the above very much worthwhile.

Also notice I said 7am -7pm and thats because generally unless they are ill these little whirlwinds are tucked up in bed by 7pm every night so I actually do have all evening to write these earth shattering, life changing blog posts so the ‘ I don’t have time’ is just an excuse because I do just love sitting and watching TV/scrolling through Instagram (iamnicolajayne FYI) in the evenings.

I’m hoping this whole blogging thing will just kind of happen gradually. Somewhere I can vent if necessary or just use it as a diary so at least I can enjoy reading even if nobody else does…..

Just to clarify I want my blog to be as positive as possible. I want to highlight the best things about my life instead of the negatives. So I may feel the need to get things off my chest from time to time but I mostly want to inspire myself and hopefully others to be the happiest we can be because really we’ve all got to something to be happy about haven’t we?

NJ x




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