6 Reasons To Buy The 6 Minute Diary

The Attitude of Gratitude

I had seen a couple of accounts I follow who had been using and raving about The 6 Minute Diary. So not one to be left out I thought ‘I want to give this a try’. I can be quite a glass half empty type of person which is something I have always wanted to change about myself because lets face it I have more good stuff going on than bad, and even though I am aware of this I will still let things bring me down. So I decided to take action. I ordered the diary from Amazon for Β£21.90

I have only been using it for three days and I have already written two blog posts and feel really very happy. So far I would say it works. It is essentially an ‘attitude of gratitude’ type of journal, you write things you are grateful for and what was good about your day. Its all based upon the logic that if you think good thoughts good things will come to you. Writing down my happy thoughts is really helpful to me as I have to focus on those thoughts. If I just tried thinking those thoughts i’d let the negative thoughts take over, having them written down keeps them permanent.

6 reasons to get your own 6 Minute Diary

  1. It will make you focus on happiness every morning, therefore getting the best possible start to every single day.
  2. It will make you want to be more helpful and kind.
  3. It will make you feel grateful for the even the littlest things.
  4. It will make you feel more creative. It works, I haven’t written any blog posts for weeks. I honestly felt like I had nothing to say but I already feel like I have so much to say.
  5. It will make you feel much less stressed.
  6. The habit tracker keeps you motivated and gives you a little goal for everyday of that month eg. 10,000 steps per day. Tick.

When I was younger I was very sceptical about this concept I thought life was based a lot on luck. Right place right time, knowing the right people but as I am getting older and perhaps wiser (hehe) I realise that your life can be anything you want it to be, if you work hard and stay positive you can reach your goals. If everyone thought ‘I can’t do that’ nobody would get anywhere and there would be no such thing as success. Even if you don’t have career goals you can still use the gratitude logic to just live a happier life, positive thoughts will make a more positive and smiley you and who doesn’t want to smile more?

NJ x

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