Waking up with two 2 year olds!!

Two years ago today at 9.30am Dougie was born by C-Section and less than one minute later Fletch arrived. I can’t believe they are two already.


Above: My first selfie as a Mummy 

I remember being pregnant as if it were yesterday. I was very lucky for most of my pregnancy I didn’t suffer at all with morning sickness, my skin got better instead of worse and my lips plumped up! I thoroughly enjoyed being able to eat as much as I wanted and not worry about feeling or looking bloated. I sat on my sofa and relaxed a lot especially towards the end when I was HUGE. I watched so much Law & Order during the day that when the boys were born they recognised the theme tune, they would stop and stare at the telly until the song ended… I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Maybe they’ll end up being Lawyers.

I remember on the day of my C-Section we had to get to the hospital really early but were told we could go down to theatre as late as 1pm, but luckily the doctors chose us to go first so at around 8.30am we were taken down… I was chatting so much about nonsense one of the nurses had to tell me to calm down. They asked me for the baby hats and nappies I had brought with me ready for when they were born and I can honestly say it was at that moment I actually realised TWO babies were going to arrive and would need to wear these nappies and hats!

Like I said they were born at 9.30 and 9.31am and everything from then until about now is a blur… I feel like I blinked and those tiny babies turned two years old. I have seen them every single day for 505 days and only had one nights sleep away from them. They drive me crazy all day every day and then I miss them all night. They have changed my life completely and for the better.

When people tell you it goes quick, you sort of agree but really you are thinking ‘it does not! I need to sleep when do the night feeds end??’ But guess what they do end and also it does go really quick! There is a tiny part of me that even misses those night feeds, cuddling those little tiny humans in the dark looking at their little faces and their little fingers and wondering how did I get so lucky? Except you don’t really think the lucky part that comes now with hindsight 🙂

I’m really making sure that I cherish every moment with them now. It has taken me two years to realise that every stage goes by in a flash and before you know it they have moved on to the next stage. For goodness sake in another two years they will be starting school and then what will I do with my days?!

I just wanted to write a little something about my boys so I can look back on this possibly when they do start school and remember the feelings I have on this day, the first day I woke up with two two year olds!


NJ x

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