Obagi Nu Derm System. Yes or No.

Help Please

I’m looking for some advice. Has anyone used, is currently using or know anyone who has used the Obagi Nu Derm prescription system? I am talking about the 6 step prescription strength products with hydroquinone and Tretinoin…

How it works

I have been advised twice to try using this skincare to eradicate my pigmentation and promised RESULTS. There are 6 steps plus the all important SPF 50 in the AM. You would be given;

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Clear
  4. Exfoderm
  5. Blend
  6. Hydrate

You would also be given Obagi Tretinoin that you mix with the Blend product, this is given to you by a doctor and comes in different levels. You have regular check ups with the doctor as you go and you may step up levels as tolerance levels increase. The Tretinoin is available in 3 strengths 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1%. As the skin will be renewing you would absolutely 100% every single day need to wear SPF 50.

Side Effects

Now this is the part that worries me. Obviously as it is a high strength results driven course of products it goes without saying that it is going to shed your skin to make way for the new healthier, clear skin underneath. But this means a period and I have been advised 6 weeks of a red, dry, flaky face. I am really unhappy with my pigmentation, honestly if I could go back and shake (or even slap) my 18 year old self I would… Sunbathing and sunbeds have really ruined my skin! If I ever have a daughter I will give her this advice DO NOT USE SUNBEDS! But even though I don’t like my pigmentation which is across the top of my forehead, bridge of nose and under my eyes I am not unhappy with my skin in general. As long as I do not tan my face the pigmentation is not as bad as it can be, I don’t seem to suffer from break outs at the moment and due to the products I use currently I think I do have bit of a glow… So this is where the advice comes in… Can I put up with the 6 weeks ‘down time’? Is it worth it for the porcelain skin at the end of it?


As I haven’t used the system yet and don’t know anyone that has, I do not know exact prices but I have seen online and will not be surprised if it reaches the Β£400 mark… Β£400 is a lot of money if it doesn’t work and what if I can’t handle the peeling and flaking and stop using it 3 weeks in?? Also I am OBSESSED if you can tell with skincare so will I be able to stick to the same skincare routine for the full length of the course? This leads me to the length of the system. It is 18 weeks. So 18 weeks worth of products included in the price, maybe that is not far off what I spend anyway but its spread out so doesn’t feel like I’m spending so much.

What do you think?

Peeling and redness worth it for perfect skin at the end of 18 weeks?

Β£400 acceptable to pay if I buy no other skincare for 18 weeks?

Thank you so much for reading and any advice would be so appreciated… Here’s to perfect skin!

NJ x

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