Garnier Micellar Milky Cleansing Water. To Buy or Not To Buy?

I just thought I would write a little review on a recent purchase of mine… I always use Garnier Micellar Water,  their ‘original’ version to remove my eye make up in the evenings. I liked it but I was never Wowed! by it. It took my mascara off easily and didn’t sting my eyes but I’m much more interested in the products I use after this.

So when I ran out of my Micellar Water and noticed in Boots they had created a new Milky version which says Cleanses + Hydrates instead of the original which says Cleanses + Soothes I decided to buy this instead because who doesn’t want a more hydrated eye area??

I shook the bottle before I used it and expected a cloudy water to come out on to my cotton pad but it is much thicker than water, a runny gel type consistency which I pressed onto my eye area, I don’t know if its just me but this texture managed to get between my lashes and sting my eyes a little bit, only a tiny bit but considering the other Micellar Water doesn’t sting at all I wasn’t too impressed.

I also can’t explain why but I can’t seem to use just the one cotton pad for both my eyes which I always have done in the past. I need to use one cotton pad for each eye which is not a major issue just strange and something worth mentioning….

You can see from the picture I haven’t used it for long enough as its still quite full to be able to tell whether my eye area is more hydrated, I actually do think it does feel more hydrating than my original Micellar Water but for the stinging and the extra cotton pad I’m going to go back to Cleansing + Soothing and let an eye cream do the hydrating…

I now realise I am in fact Wowed! by Garnier Micellar Water and am looking forward to getting to the shops tomorrow while the boys are at pre-school to grab myself a new bottle, it just goes to show we really don’t know what we’ve got until its gone!!

Anyone agreeing with me on this or are you loving the new Milky version and I’m just missing a trick??

NJ x


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