Little life update

So, where to begin… How are you doing?

I have called this post a little life update because there is very little to update. Which i’m sure is the same for you. We’ve been in lockdown for pretty much the whole of the last year. Which is utter madness considering this time last year I truly believed we would be locked down for about 3 weeks and then boom back to normal… funny if it wasn’t so crazy!

Everyones experience of lockdown will of course be different but honestly I haven’t hated it. In the first lockdown which in the UK started on 23rd March and lasted at least 2 months the sun was shining almost everyday it was glorious. We walked for at least an hour every single day, in fields and through forests. We played in the garden and drank coffee in the sunshine (the adults drank the coffee not the children 🙂 How I wish looking back I had blogged regularly, I did post a lot on my personal Instagram account but I think writing on here everyday would have been lovely to look back on when all this is finally over. Obviously because of the twins ages the first lockdown was super chilled because they hadn’t started school so that mean’t no homeschooling. This lockdown which we are just slowly easing out of now the boys were homeschooled by yours truly for 8 weeks! I found it more stressful than I thought I would and with everything of course I can look back and say ‘why did I stress about it?’ I mean it was never going to last forever and expecting two very active little boys to sit still through a half hour Teams meeting twice a day is completely unlikely. Dougie told me yesterday he misses homeschool so I must have done something right.

So apart from the odd takeaway, a trip for a drive thru coffee and a supermarket food shop that is almost all I have done in the last year. Oh and mixed up my skincare a million times but that is most definitely another blog post.

Thank you for reading and I promise I really promise I am going to write more often from now on.

Nicola Jayne x

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