Where to put your SPF.


End of blog post. Only joking.

You may or may not have seen the video of Gwyneth Paltrow for Vogue talking through her skincare routine. If you haven’t you should google it, or maybe you shouldn’t as in my opinion it is very irresponsible.

Basically Gwyneth only applies sunscreen after using a facial scrub to exfoliate her skin on the parts of her face ‘the sun hits’. I would really like to use the shocked face emoji here. She dabbed a teeny tiny amount on to her cheekbones and down the bridge of her nose as if she was applying a highlighter. One of the problems is that the tiny amount she did use would not give the protection promised on the bottle anyway. I am not a skincare expert, I am obsessed with skincare and have done my own research and every expert I have ever seen talk about the subject of SPF application seem to agree on one thing. You need to use a teaspoon amount of product over your WHOLE FACE. SPF protects your skin from UV damage. UV light is invisible to us but if you can see daylight your whole face is being hit by UV light. UV rays cause damage like wrinkles and pigmentation but also can cause skin cancer. So wear SPF, all over.

I just can’t imagine why Vogue would post this video. Maybe it is all a marketing game to get us all talking about the correct usage of SPF, because if it is that it is working. They have such a large audience and so does Gwyneth Paltrow that making young girls who are just starting out with skincare believe that it is helpful to put SPF on the tip of your nose and out you go is outrageous!

And don’t even get me started on the moisturiser on top of the sun cream. Just no. If you are going to apply sun cream to your face make it after your moisturiser. Think of it as a physical block between your skin and the sun. It needs to be last. Obviously make up goes on top of SPF but make up is designed to sit on top of your skin so on top of that barrier of protection.

I have shown here a few of my favourite SPFs you can tell by the near empty tube which is my everyday favourite. The Heliocare fluid cream is tinted and I also love the Heliocare sun touch SPF as well.

SPF faves

Thank you so much for reading. And remember in case I haven’t mentioned it before WEAR SPF πŸ™‚

NJ x

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