Found My Happy Place

I am admittedly quite late to the party but I thought I would do a review of a podcast I have just started listening to recently.

I really love podcasts. I listen to them when driving in the car, when walking in the forest and when I am cooking dinner. I started off my obsession by listening to Serial Series 1 (if you don’t know you need to get to know) and then I became addicted to Crimes of Passion and Murder Mile. Notice a theme? I don’t know exactly when, maybe it’s because of the pandemic we’ve all been living through this last year but I have definitely become more interested in exploring mental health and more importantly how to look after it. My anxiety got really bad at the beginning of last year and I wanted to escape to a more calming, nourishing place rather than the doom and gloom just like in the real world.

Happy Place official logo

So I have downloaded lots of interesting uplifting podcasts and audio books aswell but the podcast I wanted to mention today is Happy Place by Fearne Cotton. The reason I mentioned above about being late to the party is because this podcast is hugely successful and was first released back in 2018. I have heard about it in many different ways but I follow Fearne on Instagram so I was well aware she had created a really important podcast but had never listened as my interest lay only in true crime… The first episode I listened to was Billie Piper in series 9, I told you I was late! It was just such an interesting episode, I felt like I was listening to two really fascinating friends chatting. As Love Island was soon to start in the UK I listened to Dr Alex George (an ex contestant from a previous series) and was just amazed at his story and how well he spoke about quite sad times he had experienced that I had no idea about.

I decided to start from the beginning and work my way through and as of now I have listened to so many amazing conversations I felt compelled to write this review.

My favourite episodes so far are with Kris Hallenga, Poorna Bell, Henry Fraser, Davina McCall, Chessie King, Zoe Sugg, Mary Berry and Stephen Fry. They all leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and positive. Lots of the guests I have not heard of but all of their stories were fascinating. Even the guests I have heard of and thought I knew about have interesting sides and experiences I had no idea about. Which proves you never do know what is going on in anyones lives, even though you feel like you know them from their social media.

I would definitely as you can most probably tell recommend this podcast HIGHLY. What type of podcast do you enjoy listening to?

As always thank you for reading. NJ x

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