Can Sleep. Won’t Sleep.

As you might have noticed if you were kind enough to read them from my last two blog posts, I am pregnant. I also mentioned in my previous post that I was in shock when I first found out and struggled a bit with certain aspects of expecting a baby. One of those aspects is sleep, or in fact lack of.

Now that the twins are 5 years old we are finally in a place where the majority of the time I can go to bed at night knowing I will get a full nights sleep but even the odd night of broken sleep if they are ill or have a bad dream can really effect me in a negative way. They could call for me at 2am to say they are just thirsty, I give them a drink but then when I go and get back into bed I lay there staring at the ceiling waiting for them to need me again and unable to sleep for maybe an hour or more. Why do I do that?

When they were 6 months old I can remember not being able to eat dinner as my anxiety would start to kick in, I was worrying that they ‘might’ not sleep well. My heart would be racing, my fingers tingle and my stomach churned. It’s only recently that I realise that I suffer with sleep anxiety. I thought I was going mad but actually I am not alone.

Recently I have been listening to lots of uplifting, inspirational and mindful podcasts as well as listening to self help books. I am really trying to practise mindfulness and become more aware that nothing lasts forever, every stage shall pass so appreciate every moment. I’m not saying I won’t get the anxiety at bedtime when i’m deep in those night feeds but i’m hoping that I won’t dwell on them for as long or dread them like I did in the past.

Do you suffer from sleep anxiety like me? What are your coping mechanisms for getting you through those long nights?

NJ x

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