Reintroducing myself…

How do other bloggers think up ideas for fascinating posts everyday? I am struggling with writers block (permanently) so I have decided to just write as if this is a journal and see what comes out… I have a pretty busy life. 3 children, 1 step son, 1 dog, 1 partner, 1 house. I would have thought somewhere in there I would find a reason to open my laptop but I just don’t. Or correction I open my laptop but cant get the words to flow out. I love writing and would love to make writing a career, but where to start?

My interest in skincare has taken a nosedive since I had the baby, who is now 10 months old. Shock horror! You would think that having a baby would increase the need for a skincare obsession but it has had the opposite effect on me. I guess its almost a bit of a defeated attitude, that nothing can help me at the moment! I’m 41 and I don’t get enough sleep or if i’m honest drink enough water so I need a little more than an over the counter retinol to wake this face up!

Maybe its because I have lost some confidence lately that I decided to try a new hair colour… it’s very different for me. I have for as long as I can remember told any hairdresser that I have visited to avoid red in my hair. I want brown, an ashy brown with no redness whatsoever. So it is as much of a mystery to me that I woke up recently and thought why not try some copper in my hair? I must have been subconsciously seeing a lot of auburn, copper, red tones because since I made the decision to try it I have noticed I follow some red heads on Instagram and I notice more red hair when I am out and about and i really love it. I started off with some copper balayage, quite subtle and I liked it so last Monday I took the plunge and had some face framing bits put in and for me it is quite Wow. I have had a lot of comments, all lovely from parents on the school run, strangers in the supermarket and even the teachers at the school complimented me. Although having said all that, I am one of those annoying people who don’t ever believe compliments. I am convinced they say it and then laugh behind my back! Insecurity issues but maybe thats another idea for a blog post right there?

So seeing as this is my first blog post in forever I thought I would reintroduce myself…. I’m Nicola, I am slightly interested in skincare, I love reading, I love period dramas (just started watching Hotel Portofino btw) I love caramel coffee with oat milk but mainly I love my kids oh and I have copper hair πŸ™‚

What is the wildest hair colour you have tried?? I’d love to hear from you and thank you so much for reading my ramblings to here…

NJ x

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