Mini Skincare Haul

For someone who isn’t as interested in skincare as I once was I am doing a pretty good job at hiding it.

Today I received in the post my online order from Dr Sam’s. I have ordered two products I always use that I needed and one new product to try. I use Flawless Cleanser every single night sometimes I treat myself by using a hot flannel to remove but mostly I rinse off with luke warm water. It is the perfect cleanser, it doesn’t foam which means it doesn’t dry your skin and it removes every last bit make up.

The second product pictured above which I cannot live without having in my cupboard is Flawless Moisturiser. Holy Grail moisturiser! It feels luxurious, not matte, not shiny just lovely hydrated smooth skin. It contains 5% Niacinamide so not only does it feel great to use you can rest assured it is improving the texture of your skin as well.

The new product I wanted to try is Flawless Gossamer Tint SPF 50. It is available in two tints, 01 and 02 and also in an untinted version. I ordered 01 and tried a tiny pump on the back of my hand which smoothed on nicely almost disappearing really so it is a very light tint and would probably suit many different complexions. My plan for tomorrow morning is to use Flawless cleanser, followed by Obagi Vitamin C 15% Serum (my current vitamin C product) then Flawless Moisturiser and Gossamer SPF 50. I am hoping this routine leaves me fresh faced and dewy. It would also help if the baby sleeps a full 12 hours. I can dream right?!

NJ x

PS the sample you can see in the photo is the Gossamer Untinted version which I am not so excited to try, I will see how I feel about the tinted version and if I love the texture will try this for no make up days. I also received the Neutralising Gel, that is supposed to be good for acne prone skin or to dot on a spot at night to help dry up so will give that a go when it’s needed….

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