Morning Routine as a Mum of Three.

I still have trouble sometimes believing that I am a mum of three. In charge of three small people. Me?! The twins are now 6 years old and in Year 2of Primary School and the baby is 10 months old already. Three beautiful boys. I know how lucky I am. After an IVF journey for the first two and a miracle pregnancy for the third I do feel blessed. I’m glad I have experienced a twin pregnancy and a single pregnancy. A pre planned pregnancy and a natural one.

Luckily since becoming a Mummy I have become quite the morning person which is lucky as I can’t remember the last time I had a lie in. My youngest is my alarm clock and now wakes me anytime between 6 and 7. Before he was born I would set my alarm for 6am every single day to journal, meditate and do yoga. Now he is here and often disturbs me in the night I like to claw back as many minutes of sleep that I can get so I don’t tend to wake before him.

A typical morning

6.30am – Baby chats in his cot letting me know he is ready to start the day. I get up and put my dressing gown on. Take a second to marvel at how happy he is to see me, lift him out and bring him downstairs.

6.35am- I change the babies nappy and then lately my younger twin hears his little brother chatting and shrieking which wakes him up so he joins us downstairs.

6.45am- First bottle of the day. 7oz of Aptamil Advanced Formula.

6.50am- Now would be the time for my ‘Me time’. I had started to do some morning yoga or Pilates from You Tube but since the baby grew out of his Baby Bjorn bouncer seat he is a little too active for me to concentrate on that. Alternatively I would use this time to catch up on my favourite TV Shows such as Silent Witness, CSI or Vera but these are not really age appropriate for a 6 year old so unfortunately I don’t get to do that either. So now I drink my coffee and scroll on my phone, look at my emails, read other blogs I follow and maybe make notes of blog ideas.

7.25am- I have to wake my older twin, he likes his sleep more than his brothers. Quiet time is over, it’s time to get to work. By work I mean battle two 6 year old boys into their clothes and out the door so they are not late for school.

7.30am- While I prepare breakfast I always listen to the Daily Jay on my Calm app. It’s just 7 or 8 minutes of wisdom from Jay Shetty. I find it puts me in a good mindset for the day.

7.45am- It’s breakfast time for the boys. Usually toast or cereal for the twins and porridge for baby. I always drop Abidec vitamins into his porridge and stir some pouch fruit puree in as well, he would refuse to eat it if I didn’t.

8.00am- We three take our vitamins. Big twin takes Sambucol gummies, little twin takes Sambucol liquid and they both take Haliborange Omega3 and Multivitamin. I drink one Sambucol effervescent tablet in cold water to take my vitamins. I currently take Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C and JS Health Hair and Energy supplement. Sambucol is brilliant at boosting your immune system and I swear by it especially in the winter.

8.05am- It’s skincare time. The products in the image were what I used this morning, its actually the first time I have used the Eucerin SPF 50. Review coming soon.

Dr Sam Flawless cleanser, Obagi C 15%, Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Moisturiser, Eucerin SPF50

8.15am- I take my collagen supplement. It is by Absolute Collagen and I have it on a fortnightly subscription. I am absolutely (see what I did there?) undecided if it does anything. I have been taking it every day for at least 2 months and I can’t say I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin and hair so I am going to persevere for a little while more and then make a decision whether to continue as it is not cheap.

8.20am- The big boys can dress themselves but need help with their socks so I put two pairs of socks on four feet and then I have a moment to brush my teeth and put concealer, mascara and fill in my eyebrows ready to venture out on the school run.

8.25am- Time to tell the boys to put shoes and coats on. I start this 10 minutes before we actually have to leave becau se it always takes them a few goes before they actually do as they are told.

8.30am- Baby is wrestled into a pram suit, I will dress him properly when I get back from dropping his big brothers at school.

8.35am- I have my coat and shoes on, baby is in buggy and we can leave the house to walk the 5 minutes to school. I will have my breakfast when I get back and perhaps coffee number two….

NJ x

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