I Had A Baby

I haven’t written a blog post about having a newborn and I am bitterly disappointed in myself for not blogging during those first few months. So many of the milestones, thoughts and feelings have been forgotten in the blur of sleepless nights, breast feeding and nappy changing . It would have been wonderful for me, if not for any one else to have recorded how I was feeling during the first days and weeks. I of course shouldn’t be so hard on myself as it’s such a hectic time, especially with older siblings I just obviously couldn’t find the time.

I managed to breast feed this time round. I had tried with the twins for the first week of their lives, but it was hard! Looking back now they didn’t latch well and it just wasn’t meant to be for us but this time round it was different. He loved the boob straight away πŸ™‚ and it was a joy to feed him this way. I loved the freedom of not sterilising bottles and carrying formula around with me, of knowing that as long as I was close by he had everything he needed. If he cried I just fed him as it is apparently a well known fact you can’t over feed a breast fed baby. Even though i was tired I actually found myself enjoying the night feeds. Take him out of the moses basket, change him, put him on me until he fell asleep then just let him sleep on me until the next feed. I breast fed him exclusively until he was 5 and a half months old. By this time I was desperate for sleep and honestly he had 4 teeth which he knew how to use! I nearly jumped through the roof a couple of times when he used those teeth while feeding…. So from then he became a formula fed baby, he took the bottle really well which doesn’t always happen and gradually as I think he was fuller he did begin to sleep better.

He is now 10 months old and has a fantastic personality. He is a very jolly, content little boy but will let you know when he is cross. He crawls everywhere and is standing up at the sofa. He is a slightly fussy eater, he doesn’t like lumps in his puree and he doesn’t seem too impressed by tomato based meals which could be difficult for me if he doesn’t grow out of that because tomato pasta is my older boys favourite. He loves any snack and he still loves his milk.

Now that he is on the move it confirms to me that the newborn stage is my favourite. But don’t expect any more pregnancy announcements from me, we are not going to try for the girl….. I am more than happy to stick with my role as Boy Mum thank you very much.

NJ x

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