World Book Day

Reading is honestly one of my favourite things to do. I absolutely love escaping into a good book. I have to read every night before I go to sleep, it helps me to relax and switch off. I listen to audiobooks throughout the day while I am doing chores or driving, I realised recently that I have absolutely no idea of any current music, songs or artists as I never listen to the radio anymore while I am in my car. I like to listen to self help books quite a lot, they are perfect to help remind you of your blessings, or to encourage you to be more positive and set new goals. Sometimes I find a novel that I really want to read and as I am reading a series of books in the evenings I alternate between self help and fiction on Audible during the day.
I would really hope that my children develop my love of reading and that’s why I am so pleased with my twins school as today is World Book Day in the UK and they are really celebrating it!

They thought long and hard about the characters they wanted to be and I worked all night making them the perfect outfit… I am of course lying. As if I have the time to make costumes πŸ™‚ both boys love football so one wore their PSG kit with Mbappe on the back and the other wore a Portugal kit and went as Ronaldo. They have the Ultimate Football Heroes books by Matt and Tom Oldfield for Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo, so they took those with them to school and Voila! World Book Day outfits sorted.

At the beginning of the day the parents were allowed to go into their childrens classrooms, which I could tell was such a treat for them. They loved showing me where they hang their coats and store their water bottles and then we sat at the tables so they could read to us. ‘Cristiano’ read two books to me and ‘Kylian’ read a couple of pages but kept wandering off to show his friends his kit or to see their outfits. He definitely isn’t as interested in reading as ‘Cristiano’ he gets much more restless and finds sitting still quite hard. Goodness knows how the teacher keeps him in his seat for the school day!

At the end of the day they were given a sachet of Galaxy hot chocolate and two links to Zoom sessions they could log onto this evening for a reading by the deputy head teacher. How cute is that? They could drink their hot chocolate, curl up in their PJs (although they stayed in football kits) and listen to a bedtime story.

I think this was the nicest event the school has put on since they started. Hopefully they will do this again next year, I wonder which footballers they will go as next year……

What character would you have gone as? Just please don’t ask me to be in charge of making your costume!

NJ x

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