Skincare Most Wanted

Maybe its because I haven’t been quite so obsessed with my skincare routine lately but my skin is just not happy at the moment. Where has my glow gone? Is it just my age? Or is it because I haven’t been as strict with my retinol? I haven’t used Tretinoin in my skincare since before I was pregnant so that is roughly 18 months, could it just be that?

Since I have started to write on my blog again this last week I have been thinking a bit more about my skin and what products I could use as blog post ideas so I guess that could be why I have been thinking and noticing products and adding them to my ‘Wanted’ list… So I thought I would list a few products I really want to try, hopefully I might get some feedback on them so I don’t waste too much money on products that I don’t end up liking after all.

  • Number 1 I have never managed to find an eye cream that fits into my routine, I use them for a week or two and then forget about it. I am noticing lately that the lines around my eyes are deeper since having the baby, possibly the sleepless nights but I think it is time for a little extra help. I may have to start persevering with an eye cream. I am 41, it is time! My Mum and my sister swear by L’Oreal Revitalift Pro Retinol Eye Cream and as both of them have less wrinkles than me I might need to start taking their advice. So that is number 1 on my Most Wanted List.
  • Number 2 Am I the only person left that hasn’t tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream? It promises ‘Smoother, firmer, beautifully glowing skin that looks as though it has had a full nights rest’ I am sold! In fact just writing that down has convinced me to look into purchasing it as soon as possible.
  • Number 3 Skin + Me is a subscription treatment cream that costs Β£24.99 per month. You get a tube sent to you in the post every month, the container is called a Daily Doser because it dispenses the exact amount of product you need to use daily. You fill in a questionnaire about your wants and priorities, upload pictures of your face and a dermatologist decides which ingredients you need to achieve your desired results. Usually the product will contain Tretinoin which is a high strength retinol and proven to undo and to prevent some ageing of the skin. As I mentioned above I haven’t used Tret for a long while so I am definitely considering this product to help bring it back into my routine and fingers crossed see some benefits from using it again.
  • Number 4 Perhaps not a skincare product exactly but it’s made my list anyway. I certainly do not have the best eyebrows, thanks to some serious over plucking in my 20’s so I need all the help I can get in that area. I have heard good things about Glossier’s Boy Brow so I am hoping to add this into my make up bag soon.

Have you tried any of the above products? Do you know of a night cream better than the CT one? I would appreciate any feedback to help this 40 plus Mummy get her glow back.

Thank you for reading.

NJ x

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