Seriously Into Podcasts

Are you a fan of podcasts? I LOVE them. The first podcast I ever listened to was Serial, I was seriously fascinated and may I say slightly obsessed with the story of Adnan Syed and poor Hae Min Lee. If you have not listened to Serial then I am jealous you get to hear it for the first time. It’s that good. I do enjoy a true crime podcast, who doesn’t? But as a mum to 3 little ones I do also like to listen to parenting podcasts, one of my favourites is Made By Mammas.

Made By Mammas is a podcast about parenting, the highs and lows. It’s a really honest take on what it’s like to be a Mamma, I find myself nodding along with Zoe and Georgia quite a lot of the time. They chat to each other about their daily lives, they have interesting relevant guests and they recommend products in every episode anything from jackets to eye creams to electric heaters 🙂

I listened to an episode today and I enjoyed it so much it inspired me to write a post. They had a guest on called Alice Hart Davis, she has a website called the Tweakment Guide and she is an expert in the area of non surgical beauty treatments, such as Botox. It was a really open conversation about what treatments work and which don’t and about how we shouldn’t feel ashamed to have work done if we want it. Women are expected to look good all the time and not age but also judged if they do get fillers or Botox. And why should we feel ashamed? We live in a time where these things are available to us and if it makes you feel better then let’s go for it?! I have Botox, admittedly I think it has worn off now so I am in need of a top up but I want to get a good skincare routine in place as well and this episode of Made By Mammas was helpful with recommending products that give actual results as well as expensive facial ‘tweakments’.

I would highly recommend Made By Mammas The Podcast if you have little ones and maybe even if you have bigger ones, Zoe and Georgia are brilliant to listen to. They have great chemistry and leave you feeling like you have been part of a conversation with friends. Friends that only support, never judge.

Are podcasts your thing? I am always in need of podcast recommendations for when I’m up to date with the ones in my library. Let me know if you have a favourite. Thank you.

NJ x

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