Sunday Well Spent

As Sundays go this was a good one. My children behaved pretty much all day, less arguments and screaming matches than we get somedays so that was a huge mood booster for me. The baby slept in until 7.09am precisely so that always gets my Sunday off to a good start. Please note I say Sunday off to a good start because every other day of the week I actually prefer to get up earlier than that, so that I can have my chill time before the rest of the house wakes up. But Sundays are a bit of a slower day so a lie in courtesy of 11 month old Miller was just great this morning.

I managed to get Dougie ready to go off to football fairly easily, this is because he LOVES football match day and is always keen to get his kit on ready to go. His Dad took him this morning so Fletch, Miller and I could get ourselves together more leisurely. Miller had his second bottle of milk of the day and then I got him dressed, helped Fletch get ready and then we got in the car so Miller could have his morning nap and we could get to watch the second half of Dougie’s match. What a match it was. When we arrived Dougie had already scored a hat trick and his team were winning 5-2. They ended up winning 6-2 and Dougie had scored 4 of them. Proud Mummy over here!

Next stop was Boots for some toiletries I needed, a mascara and toothpaste. Thrilling stuff. Fletch lost his top front tooth yesterday so the tooth fairy had left him some money to spend in Smyths Toys so we popped in here, he chose a Pokemon plush toy call Charmander and because Dougie had played so well I treated him to a football from the clearance shelves. I have no idea what it was doing on the clearance shelf but there we go. Before we came home both boys begged me for a babyccino from Costa and as they promised to do their homework when I asked how could I resist?

I made us a roast chicken dinner with *shock horror* pre peeled and prepared roast potatoes from M&S which were actually very nice, the boys played in the garden and I had a little time to play with Miller. They even did their homework as they promised they would, Maths and spellings. So now all three boys are bathed and in bed, I even managed to shower and dry my hair after putting baby down and now I have some time to write this blog/diary entry.

I have had such a lovely Sunday. I got some fresh air and spent time with my family. Lovely indeed. I wonder if that sounds like your idea of a glorious Sunday?

NJ x

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