Beauty Pie Haul

Today was another Beauty Pie delivery day. Thank goodness it was because I needed something to cheer me up after a night of no sleep. If anyone knows why my 11 month old is making this weird humming/droning/whining noise in his sleep then please tell me why! It is driving me mad.

Anyway back to my delivery of goodies from Beauty Pie. I was feeling brave and also because compared to most bottles of perfume they are relatively cheap at £28 I decided to risk buying two bottles of perfume. After the last bottle of perfume I bought from Beauty Pie you might think I would not be so bold as to do it again. But the reviews were good and the notes in both sounded really lovely. I selected Angelique’s Letters and Figuier De Dalmatie and I am impressed with both.

Here is the info for Figuiers De Dalmatie taken from Beauty Pie:


Bergamot Oil, Blood Orange Oil, Mandarin Oil ‎


Gardenia, Frangipani Flower


‎Fig Wood, Vanilla, Heliotrope

Here is the info for Angelique’s Letters taken from Beauty Pie:


Lemon Oil, Bergamot, Sweet Tobacco


‎Jasmine, Cinnamon Oil, Clove


Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla

I think you can see from these descriptions the type of scent I like. These both contain vanilla in the base note and citrus in the top note which I really do like. I think I like the FDD more than AL, but FDD smells abit more like summer so maybe while the weather is cold I will stick to AL.

I also bought Plantastic Overnight Miracle Face Oil. I always enjoy using a face oil over the top of all my skincare to lock it in and again as with the perfume, the benefit of BP is you can try things at reasonable prices which is helpful and fun too. So after my ‘Back to basics’ routine this evening I will use a couple of drops of Plantastic Oil and hopefully wake up with glowing skin and no break outs. Wish me luck.

NJ x

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