H&M Haul For Baby & I

I treated myself and baby to some new bits from H&M. Miller is growing so fast and is already growing out of his 9-12 month old clothes and i’m a bit undecided how I want to dress him at this stage. He is not quite walking but is crawling everywhere and sofa surfing, he really is too big for babygro’s now in the day and I can’t quite believe it! I added a couple of things to the basket for me so let me show you the stuff I chose.

Miller already has this first outfit in green and blue, he looks super cute in it and it has a bit of growing room in the length of the arms and legs. It is really comfy and will get us through the spring.

My friend always used to buy these for her boys every single summer and I never could buy them for my twins because their feet were too big πŸ™‚ but now I finally have a little boy that I can buy them for so I bought these in two sizes so when he outgrows the first pair we will have the next size up in case they sell out… clever me!

Miller has the cutest brown teddy jacket with a removeable hood that he has worn nearly every day through the winter. Now it is starting to get a bit small for him and also hopefully the weather may start to warm up, so I have ordered him a cotton hoodie in what I would like to think is a nice neutral colour that he can wear with most clothes.

Now for me. Trenchcoats are having a moment or they certainly will be this spring so I couldn’t resist this one that cost Β£49.99 It is going to be so handy to throw on for the school run, I can’t wait to receive it.

I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of straight jeans to wear over trainers. So I have ordered this pair to try but am not totally convinced they are the ones but I can hope.

There is something so therapeutic about online shopping, I remember seeing a meme many years ago about life only being exciting when you are expecting a delivery and honestly it is so close to the truth.

What is the last thing you ordered online?

NJ x

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