Big Things, Little Things

I am feeling very pleased with myself. I have published a blog post or sometimes even two every day for 12 days. If blogging is your job (lucky you) then this wouldn’t seem groundbreaking, but for me it is so rewarding for a couple of reasons. I think I may have mentioned before that I love writing so just the fact that I am sitting at my laptop and actually typing is a thrill in itself but secondly finding the time to write has been a challenge to say the least.

Before this latest stint of regular writing I published my last blog post on Feb 3rd 2022 ( you can read it here ) I truly couldn’t see how I could find 30 mins in any one day to get my laptop out and write. But what do you know? I have managed to find the time, sometimes in the morning while Miller has his breakfast in the high chair beside me, sometimes in the evening after the big boys have gone to bed I have stayed up half hour extra.

I honestly find that writing something and clicking ‘schedule’ or posting immediately gives me such a sense of pride. I close my laptop with a smile on my face and even though my writing isn’t winning awards and is not being viewed 100s of times I still feel like I have achieved something and that makes a huge difference to my mental health. It means I tend to feel more positive and I am living a bit more mindfully as I am looking around all the time and thinking of things to write about, so I am noticing more and trying to be more present at all times.

What are those little things for you that make up the big things?

Thank you to all of you that do take the time to read my little blog, you are making a BIG difference to me.

NJ x

3 thoughts on “Big Things, Little Things

  1. The same thing. I’m happy knowing I’ve accomplished a small goal for that day or just been productive. Writing makes me the happiest, actually. Nice post, btw. 😀


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