Kids Shopping Spree

How many items do you have to purchase in one go to call it a spree? I did a spot of online shopping this morning for my littlest one and they are so cute and so reasonably priced that I just had to share. I had bought a knitted tracksuit for my big boys a couple of winters a go from George at Asda. They wash really well and fit so well, and actually both boys can just about still wear them although they are getting a bit small but I am so impressed with the quality that I thought I would have a look at some of their summer fashion to get some new clothes for my very nearly one year old.

These are the bits I chose:

Powered by Fun Hoodie and Leggings £10

Peach T-Shirt and Shorts £6

Cheetah I Am One T-shirt £2.50

Fruit Print T-Shirt and Cycle Shorts £7

Ribbed Leggings Pack of Three £8

Happy Human Sweater £6

Safari T-shirts Pack of Three £9

I think I got quite a lot of items there for not too much money at all but it just kept getting better because George at Asda are running a promotion at the moment which is if you spend £40 you automatically get 20% taken off each item so the total cost of my basket went from £48.50 to £40.40 and I selected to click and collect tomorrow afternoon which is free so all in all a really great affordable shopping spree! Thank you George. I am so excited to collect these and hoping the sun comes out soon so Miller can wear some of those super cute t-shirts!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little kids shopping spree, hopefully soon I will be able to have a grown up shopping spree as well 🙂

NJ x

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