First Birthday Gift Ideas

I absolutely cannot believe Miller is about to turn one year old! This time last year I was frankly the size of a house and boy did I feel it. I had a c-section planned so I was pretty relaxed about the birth, when I say relaxed I mean it loosely. I was very nervous about the actual operation but I had no concerns that I would go into labour naturally. That is the main reason I chose a cesarian, I just couldn’t imagine getting into bed putting my head on my pillow and then my waters breaking. How inconvenient, I hate being disturbed when i’m ready to go to sleep. It’s funny how i’m convinced I would be in bed when I went into labour.

One part of me feels like the above photo was forever ago and another part feels like it was yesterday. I look so much younger when i’m pregnant, it must be the extra weight I am carrying and also I was sleeping quite well here really, apart from the overnight loo visits I was able to sleep in when I needed and go to bed early if I felt tired. A luxury I can no longer enjoy at the moment.

I am very aware this time round that Miller will have no memory of this birthday so we have not gone crazy buying him lots of things he doesn’t need. I bought him a couple of books from our local garden centre. They were selling Stories for 1 year olds that I couldn’t resist and then the Row, Row, Row Your Boat book was very nostalgic as we had this exact book for the twins when they were this age so I had to purchase that one. The heart was super cute, Fletch chose it.

Unfortunately for Fletch the Heart Plushy was left at the till because as much as I like to be generous and buy nice things it was £21.99 and even I thought that was just too much to spend on a squishy heart that Miller may have no interest in.

Miller has shown an interest in balls. Footballs, basketballs, soft plush balls. He loves throwing them and can roll them under his foot, so we also bought him the Little Tikes 3 in 1 Sport Activity Centre. It has bowling, basketball and football parts that he will not be quite ready for yet but he will enjoy throwing the balls around and when he eventually starts walking which I don’t think is too far away from happening he will have it ready to use. Plus Dougie will enjoy using the goal until Miller is big enough.

He will also be getting from my parents a baby walker which I know he will love and will also help encourage him to take his first steps.

I am going to buy him a cake from M&S which we will all enjoy eating on his behalf and blow up some balloons for him to play with on the day. All in all we have not bought him too much I don’t think. My advice would be to not spoil them for their first birthday, believe me there is plenty of time to spoil them rotten later on when they can fully appreciate it. I am looking forward to celebrating him with cuddles and kisses and looking back at super cute photos of the day he was born. I feel an Instagram reel coming on…

NJ x

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