Diary Entry – 20/04/23

I thought I would just write out a little life update and what I got up to to on this day in 2023. Could be really interesting or could be really boring so let’s see where we end up…

Firstly this morning I took Miller my now one year old boy to a baby class. It is a hall local to me that every Thursday is filled with toys, soft padded blocks and a bouncy castle. Miller usually hates it. He cries for a minimum of 20 minutes and won’t let me put him down, so I usually go in with a bit of dread and apprehension but today he was a completely different child. He was perfectly happy to crawl around by himself and grab toys and even try to climb on the giant inflatable, it’s like he thought ‘I’m one now I can handle this.’ So now I feel more positive about taking him to places, knowing that he will enjoy himself. Overall a really good start to the day.

I have mentioned on my blog before that I love podcasts and recently I have found a new one that I love. It is called Honest Authors and the hosts are Gillian McAllister and Holly Seddon, both published authors and they discuss the ups and downs of becoming a published author. It is so brilliant and insightful and honest and I am a little bit addicted. I had no idea what a writer goes through just to get that book on the shelves. I have listened to 4 episodes in two days and so I am fully feeling like Gillian and Holly are my friends. I would even go as far as saying I felt a strange sort of pride when I saw a Gillian McAllister novel on the shelf in Tesco today.

If you are an aspiring writer which you may well be if you are writing your own blog then I would recommend checking out The Honest Authors Podcast. Something that fascinated me in this podcast was learning that Holly has 4 children, the youngest of which was two in the episodes I listened to. Which actually has just occurred to me I believe were recorded in 2017 so that two year old will now be 8 years old roughly. It is not the fact she has children that surprises me but that she has 4 children and has time to write a full novel. I am frantically typing this at 10pm after finally getting all my boys into bed. Honestly I need to know. How would you do that?? Who does the washing? The ironing? The packed lunches? Mind blown!

Speaking of having no time, I was chatting to one of the school mums at pick up about how good the newest series of Married At First Sight Australia is. I started the series ages ago and only got to episode 4 before giving up trying to watch. Apparently it is brilliant TV and I am missing out but it might have to wait until Miller starts school for me to catch up!

Thank goodness for the sun today, everything is better in the sunshine! I enjoyed driving to do the food shop with my sunglasses on, my podcast playing and to top off my day Miller ate his first little cheese sandwich. Seeing my kids eat makes me very happy, so Miller finishing a full kids sandwich made my absolute day. Like I have said before it is the little things 🙂

I am planning on doing these types of posts more often so prepare yourselves for a thrilling ride!

NJ x

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