The Perfect Lip Balm

I went away this weekend for one night in the Cotswolds with my sister and my three boys. My sister stayed here Friday night so we could leave nice and early to make the most of the short time we had away from home. When she arrived here after work I was complaining that my lips were dry. They were awful, I wish I had taken a picture of my lips before so you could see how bad they really were. They were so dry, peeling and felt like they would crack if I laughed too hard or in fact smiled at all. She said I could borrow her Dr Sam’s Flawless Lip balm over the weekend, don’t worry it is in a squeezy tube so hygiene is not a problem.

It has no fragrance added, it just has a very slight medical smell and taste. It is actually very similar in colour and texture to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream which has a stronger fragrance than Dr Sam’s. I used it a couple of times during the day on Saturday and Sunday and once before bed on Saturday night. I realised today (Monday) that my lips are no longer dry at all. In fact they are well hydrated and soft. I am so impressed!

Dr Sam’s Flawless Lip absolutely rescued my parched lips. The product I used was clear but she does also make a tinted version which I will most certainly consider purchasing at the same time as the clear version. I have tried many, many different lip balms in the past but usually find they feel nice when you put them on but do not make any real difference to the hydration levels in my lips until I used this one. It is £13 for the untinted version and £15 for the tinted version which is I guess a bit pricey compared to a tin of vaseline but this stuff works so well and would last a long time so worth every penny! Dr Sam’s Flawless Lip is definitely at the top of my Skincare Most Wanted list.

NJ x

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