My Weekly Gratitude List-25/04/23

I am a little bit late posting my gratitude list this week. My one year old was very clingey all day yesterday and then developed a temperature in the evening so I was looking after a poorly baby instead of writing, but it does lead me nicely into one thing I can add to my list of things to be thankful for or that made me smile this week…

  • Calpol and Nurofen. Miller had a temperature yesterday, it was showing as 37.5 on our thermometer so I gave him Calpol in his oat milk before bed and he slept until 2am until he woke again feeling hot so I then gave him Nurofen. Both brought his temperature down quickly. I am not sure if he is unwell or if he is just teething, as this is his first temperature I may take him to see the GP just for a little check up. But it does make me grateful to think we live in a time where Calpol is available to us to bring down fevers, in times gone by these medicines were not available to worried mothers and high temperatures could become a serious illness.
  • The Cotswolds. We visited this weekend and it was beautiful, the buildings and high streets are so cute. I had a lovely weekend with my sister and my boys.
  • Premier Inn. We stayed one night at a Premier Inn for our weekend break in the Cotswolds and they have a good night sleep guarantee which I of course thought could not guarantee a mum of a one year old a decent sleep but do you know what? Miller slept in until 7.30am which is unheard of and I woke feeling very refreshed.
  • According to my iPhone it was due to rain this last weekend so I was prepared for a wet weekend in the country but the sun shone and we had perfect weather for walking and playing crazy golf.
  • My partners job. He has to go to Milan, Italy in a few weeks for work and he is taking me with him. We have booked a two night stay in a 5 star hotel and a meal in a fancy restaurant. We haven’t had a date night in a really long time, it seems very extravagant to be visiting Italy for our first meal together alone in a restaurant since Miller was born doesn’t it? I am very lucky!
  • A farm and softplay which is 5 minutes from our house that Miller enjoyed visiting this week. Admittedly he had not up until now liked softplay areas at all, he would cry and grab hold of me but last week he really loved crawling and climbing and even laughed as we went down the slide together.
  • My hairdresser for firstly covering my grey roots but also for a lovely blow dry as well. Why do I feel like my face looks better when my hair looks nice? Also luckily for me my hair holds a blow dry really well so this will last me a few days and saves me styling it myself which gives me more time to write. I should probably say it gives me more time for housework but who has time for that?
  • Miller took his first steps this week. He is growing into such a funny cheeky little boy. He has a great personality and it was such a joy to see the pleasure in his face when he took his first wobbly steps to me. He is by no means walking yet, but it is going to be really soon!
  • Coffee
  • The Cherry Blossom trees in my garden finally making an appearance. Spring incoming.

I hope you enjoy reading my gratitude list as much as I enjoy writing it. I could probably go on writing about all the little blessings in my life but I have made it my own rule to only select 10.

Have a great week!

NJ x

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