My Want To Read List

I stayed up later than usual last night reading as I am really enjoying book number 34 of 35 of The Morland Dynasty books by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. This book in the series is called The Winding Road and according to my kindle I am 96% of the way through. I really wanted to finish it but sleep won the battle. This book covers some fascinating topics I knew nothing about. I have learn’t all about Air Ships which I have never seen or heard about before, I honestly had no idea that these rugby ball shaped hot air balloons ever existed and that anyone would ever be mad enough to get on board one. I have more knowledge about the Wall Street Crash and an insight into what England was like to live after WW1 with the horrible knowledge that it was all going to happen again quite soon.

So now that I am coming very close to the end of my Morland Family series I am starting to think about what I would like to read next. I am having some very mixed feelings about this. One part of me is so excited to start reading all kinds of different books, from different genres and different authors but then there is a huge part of me that will be so sad to see the Morlands go. I am have become quite attached to them. I am starting to feel quite nostalgic, remembering characters from years gone by. Like Lettice who in 1558 married a a Scottish baron and went to live in a freezing cold castle in Scotland with no windows and no one apart from the servants for company, Annunciata the first Countess of Chelmsford (fictionary title) and James and Heloise in the early 1800s who went through so much to be together. One of my favourite storylines was when Charlotte found out in 1843 that she was in fact a Countess and not destitute at all, a real rags to riches fairytale story. I will be truly bereft when these books come to an end, so the only way to get through it will be to move straight on to another book to fill the void.

Which leads me on to my very long list of TBR books on my Good Reads account. I have been adding books to my Want To Read list for a while now, but I am going to need to decide which to read first. It feels like a big decision and this book has quite a pressure to help me get over the loss of my Morland family. How on earth will I decide which to read first?

A Selection of My Want to Read List from Good Reads

  • Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason
  • The Mothers by Sarah J. Noughton
  • Book Lovers by Emily Henry
  • Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers
  • Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Wolff
  • Together by Julie Cohen
  • You Don’t Know Me by Imran Mahmood
  • The Evidence Against You by Gillian McAllister

I am going to have to make a dartboard out of these books and throw a pin at it because I honestly have no idea which to go for first. Have you read any? Can you help me decide? Or are there any books missing from my list? I weirdly have no desire to read a Coleen Hoover novel, i’m being stubborn about it. They are so in your face everywhere that I can’t bring myself to want to read one… maybe I will one day but not at the moment. I also don’t like really scary books, I like reading before I go to sleep so I like a book that relaxes me not scares me half to death in the dark.

I still have a bit of time before I need to decide for sure as Cynthia Harrod-Eagles writes a lot of words and it seems to take me at least three weeks to get through each book. I’m looking forward to reading lots and lots of new stories and reviewing them on my blog.

NJ x

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