Recent Empties

I find other peoples Empties posts really quite interesting so I am hoping you will enjoy mine. I had run out and already repurchased the first product in my list and it got me thinking that I have a few other product bottles waiting to be recycled. In fact I realised I have 8 products [...]

Life begins again…

Life begins again…

Before the virus that must not be named hit us all and disrupted our lives I would get my nails done religiously every two weeks and my grey roots would barely be allowed to see the light of day before my hairdresser painted them away every four weeks. So during the last year I have [...]

Where to put your SPF.

EVERYWHERE. End of blog post. Only joking. You may or may not have seen the video of Gwyneth Paltrow for Vogue talking through her skincare routine. If you haven't you should google it, or maybe you shouldn't as in my opinion it is very irresponsible. Basically Gwyneth only applies sunscreen after using a facial scrub [...]