Life Begins At 40

Isn't life funny? Life begins at 40. I have heard that saying so many times, haven't we all? But I never thought it would be truly relevant to me. I had a modelling career which inevitably ended when I got 'too old' (I was about 28 years old), I had a struggle with fertility, I [...]

Overdue Life Update

Happy new year one and all and welcome to 2022. Am I the most unreliable blogger imaginable? For someone who is regularly called a chatterbox I suffer with a serious case of writers block the majority of the year. I thought I would finally fill you in on some news that thoroughly shocked me in [...]

Routine Queen!

Routine Queen!

Routine schmoutine Before I had the boys I had no plan to have a strict routine. I will admit I read 'Contented House With Twins' by Gina Ford but mainly because I like reading and friends who had already had babies told me I should but to be honest I was quite literally the most [...]