Daily Prompt #3

Daily writing prompt
What tattoo do you want and where would you put it?

Today’s Daily Prompt has such great timing!

A History Of My Tattoos

I really love tattoos. I especially love lots of small meaningful tattoos. I currently have 5 small tattoos on different parts of my body and I still love them all. My first tattoo is of an anchor on my finger, I was so nervous on the day and I think I went in to shock as I started to really shake and the tattooist had a hard time drawing a straight line. I was gripping the padded leather bench for dear life. It didn’t even hurt that much, my adrenalin must have massively kicked in.

The next tattoo I had was on my right forearm and is a phrase from the Bible that I randomly came across not long after I had my anchor drawn on my hand. It comes from Hebrew Ch6:V9 the full sentence is ‘We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure’ I liked the reference to the anchor and actually the meaning of that sentence just struck me at the time.

I had both my tattoos before I had the twins in 2016 and once they were here I knew I wanted a tattoo to represent them. I chose to have the Gemini symbol on the side of my right wrist as that is their star sign. Gemini is the sign represented by twins and I love that it is their star sign.

On the same day as the Gemini tattoo I also had My partners star sign symbol which is Taurus and my star sign symbol for Sagittarius on the back of my neck. I love the positioning of these tattoos. When I had my bob cut my hairdresser at the time always used to cut it just to the tattoos so that when it dried they would be just visible below my hair. At the moment they are hidden pretty much all of the time which is a shame but I am currently thinking of growing my hair long so I can wear it up in a ‘Mum Bun’ and show them off.

New Tattoos Incoming

At the top of this post I mentioned that this topic had really good timing and that is because just yesterday I made an appointment with my tattooist for next Wednesday to have 3 more small tattoos. Since having the baby I have been thinking about what and where I want to have him represented on my body. I have decided to have his star sign which is Aries on the back of my left upper arm and then his date of birth 11.04.22 horizontally on my right forearm. I have also decided to add the big boys date of birth 23.05.16 to my left wrist.

Aries symbol

I am so excited for next Wednesday and really pleased with my ideas for positioning. I have chosen to go to the same tattoo shop I have used before but a different artist who is apparently really good at fine line tattoos which these next three will be. I will certainly show off the finished results in a blog post next week.

Thanks for reading this most perfectly timed Daily Prompt.

NJ x

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt #3

    1. I’m so excited to get my new ones! It’s been a while now since I had a tattoo but I remember the tattooist telling me to rub Bepanthen nappy cream on them while they heal. Mine have all lasted really well with no fade so maybe thats the trick.

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      1. Good to know! I’ve heard many different ways to heal them and take care of them, and the Internet is confusing :’) Mine faded a bit, actually they have some parts that need correcting, and because of their meanings, I think it suits them, but on the other hand… it would’ve been nicer if they didn’t fade, and I can’t tell if it’s the ink or the healing or whatever :/


      2. Hmmmm sometimes the fade can look good as it just means they are growing with and becoming part of you. I am unsure why some peoples would fade and some peoples don’t. Maybe you have had yours longer than mine, the one on my finger could be about 10 years old now but maybe thats not so long in the grand scheme of things!

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      3. That is true, and it’s expected that they change with time, although mine are quite “young”, so I might be doing something wrong 🤔 or I might need to find another studio 🤷‍♀️


      4. I had my new tattoos yesterday, I am really pleased with them! They are fine line tattoos and the artist has warned me that generally fine lines don’t last as well. So we shall see…

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      5. Oh, that’s amazing! 😀
        Hm, if that’s really the fine lines’ destiny, than it shouldn’t surprise me that mine faded, I just didn’t know that..

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