24 Hours Is Never Enough

Have you ever heard the quote ‘We all have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé’ ? I heard it said by Molly Mae Hague a twenty something Instagram influencer and Love Island contestant on the Podcast Diary of a CEO by Stephen Bartlett. Who would have thought I would be quoting practically teenage Love Island contestants on my blog, aren’t you glad you stopped by? But actually it’s interesting and thought provoking, I wonder what you would say in reply? My answer would be ‘I don’t feel like I do’.

The gist of the quote is that Beyoncé is basically the same as all of us but she has found the time in her day to become an absolute mega star and a Mummy and a wife. The idea behind the quote is correct. The only problem with it is that Beyoncé probably has a nanny to look after her kids (I’m only guessing that, she actually might not) a chef to cook her meals, a housekeeper to do her laundry, a cleaner to, well clean and she probably doesn’t even know who does her ironing it just appears in her huge wardrobe. Or maybe Beyoncé doesn’t need her clothes ironed because she throws away each outfit after she has worn it. My point here is that Beyoncé can focus on being a superstar because someone is doing everything else for her. In fact Molly Mae that quote is just silly.

I have found since writing on this blog that I just absolutely love writing. I think I have always known that I love writing but this little space of mine has fully confirmed it. The only problem I am finding lately is that there are definitely not the same 24 hours in my day that Beyoncé has in her day. I get up early with Miller my now one year old by the way but he wants breakfast straight away and then he wants my full attention. There is playing to do Mummy. During his first nap I am usually loading the dishwasher, putting a wash on or in fact driving somewhere like the supermarket via a drive thru coffee shop and last time I checked you can’t write a blog and drive or at the very least it is highly frowned upon. During his second nap it’s pretty much the same as the first or I am getting snacks and drinks for the big boys and playing with them. In the evenings I am making dinner for 5 people, tidying up after them all, having a shower and falling into bed.

I guess I need to learn to prioritise my time, because even though we all know Mummy’s do work hard even I can see that the stuff listed above does not really fill a whole day. And also I am fully aware that I don’t have a job on top of my parenting job like so many mums do these days. I am sure there are lots of working mums out there who look after the house, their kids, their job and their blog. So how do they do it? Answers on a postcard please.

When is your favourite time of the day to blog? Do you have kids like me or a full time job you are writing around? I would love to hear some tips… What do we think Beyonce would do? 😉

NJ x

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