Daily Prompt #2

What makes you most anxious?

Can I say everything?

Because I tend to keep my day to day life pretty ‘safe’ I don’t really need to get nervous over big things like flying or public speaking but it’s the little things that affect me.

I get anxious talking to people on the phone that I don’t know. I get anxious in social settings, I nearly always walkaway worrying that I said the wrong thing. I get anxious going somewhere for the first time like baby groups for example. I get anxious that the kids don’t eat enough. I get anxious about the colour of my hair. I even get anxious if I have to point out a mistake someone else has made. Which reminds me about something that happened today.

I decided to take Miller out for a drive while he had his morning nap, so I drove to my local Starbucks drive thru. I ordered my standard Starbucks which is a Tall Oat Milk Caramel Macchiato, the server asked if I was OK with the drizzle? I always get asked this because they are checking for allergies which is a good thing. I don’t have allergies, I just like oat milk. When I got my coffee at the next window she handed it to me, I drove off and just as I was driving out of the service station I tasted my coffee and it was made with COWS MILK. I checked my cup and the original server had not written oat milk on the cup so how was the barista supposed to know to make it oat? Now this is not my fault and I would be well entitled to a replacement and probably an apology, imagine if I was allergic to dairy?? But instead little anxious me drives home drinking the damn dairy coffee. Sums me up.

In summary I am an extremely anxious person and it’s just all the of those little things everyday that I have to push through that make me the most anxious.

NJ x

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