Days Out With Kids – Jump Evolution

So I mentioned in a previous post that the teachers in some schools in the UK were on strike this week in pursuit of a pay rise. This mean’t I had two lovely days with absolutely nowhere to rush off to. Lately we have school to get ready for every day and then on the weekends we have to get up and ready to either go to football training or a match. I was as excited for these two days as if I was going on an exotic summer holiday. I mean I didn’t get a lie in which would have been nice, thank you to my 11 month old but just getting up and slowly moving round the house with no urgency was a wonderful treat!

Jumpy Jumpy

On the second day we decided to book all three boys into a 1 hour jump session at Jump Evolution in Romford or Jumpy Jumpy as D&F have always called it. It is a Trampoline Park. The last time we went was for their 6th birthday party and as part of their package they received a voucher for a free 1 hour session. Miller came that day but he was just a month and half old so this time we paid £4 for him to be involved as well. Obviously he can’t jump yet but I think he enjoyed his first proper visit and he even slept really well the night after so I might just take him every day. We have been visiting Jump Evolution since the boys were toddlers, when we first came it was just a huge space with lots of trampolines, a high jump and an area with balance beam and monkeys bars. You land in foam blocks and I have even had a go on the balance beam before and been terrified for who knows what reason as it is such a soft landing, it’s funny how that feeling of fear comes with getting older I wouldn’t have been at all scared when I was younger. Now as well as that corner of equipment they have a bouncy assault course for younger jumpers and a more grown up course with a high bouncy slide and a tunnel slide.


On this occasion as I mentioned we had a free voucher for each of the twins which saved us £27, I had to pay £4 for Miller for their 0-2 years Tiny Tots Jump and then £4 for each additional adult. You have to buy the Jump Evolution socks which are gripped and they cost £2.50 Miller had his own grippy socks which they said were fine for him and because I couldn’t find the pair I got last time I had to buy myself a pair. So total spend for our morning out was £14.50 which is totally reasonable except of course it should have cost £41.50 and that is pretty expensive for one hour of activity.

To Go or Not To Go

Despite it being expensive I would definitely keep going back. It is the perfect rainy day activity. We were really lucky this time as it was a strike day and because not all schools were off it was lovely and quiet. The boys could run around without fear of bumping into anyone and Miller could get used to it without getting too intimidated. The main bonus of course with Jump Evolution is that my boys LOVE it so if it makes them happy it makes me happy and for that alone we will be back. You can get food there and it is pretty decent, they do a nice pizza but actually on this occasion we treated all of us to a McDonalds on the way home.

I appreciate the teachers were striking for serious reasons and that for some it caused chaos but for us I am just really grateful for a lovely day spent with my family.

NJ x

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