Current Morning Skincare Faves

Happy skin

I thought my skin looked quite happy today so inspired me to write about what i’m using in the mornings at the moment. I realise I haven’t written for so long about skincare (or anything else) that I must be due an update on here… Actually though I am still in love with Dr Sam products and still faithful to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic.

So this morning before taking the boys to their Little Kickers football class these are the products I used:

  • Dr Sam Flawless cleanser, removed with a damp flannel.
  • Skinceuticals CE Ferulic
  • The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  • Dr Sam Flawless Moisturiser mixed with 1 pump Vichy Mineral 89
  • Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF50+

I enjoy using Dr Sams cleanser. It is so simple to use, rinses well, has no fragrance and has no ingredients to dislike. It cleans my skin and leaves no feeling of tightness so what’s not to love? I also think that although I have tried other vitamin C serums I always always always return to CE Ferulic. It sinks in so quickly that it is almost like you haven’t used anything but it leaves behind a ‘lit from within’ that I am addicted to.

The Ordinary is a newish product to me. I decided to include it in my routine recently to try and help clear up some pigmentation that I still have, I read that Alpha Arbutin is good for tackling pigmentation but it is too soon for me to say whether it is working or not. It can only be a good thing that it includes Hyaluronic Acid as that saves me yet another step in my routine.

Dr Sams Flawless Moisturiser is on a repeat subscription!! It is a really good moisturiser in my opinion. I love the ingredients like Niacinamide, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate. It sinks in and leaves my skin, glowy, bouncy and soft. It is not shiny but it is not matte. It gives as Dr Sam promises a ‘grown up glow’.

Now to the newest member of my skincare routine and I have only used it twice so really very early to decide but my goodness it is good!! I saw on Instagram Martha from MAFS using an Australian brand of skincare called Ultra Violette but I assumed it was only available down under and disregarded it from my radar. BUT I then found out that Space NK are stocking it so it had to be mine. So far i’m really glad that it is. It goes on like a dream, it does not pill as promised by the brand and at first you are kind of wonderfully shiny but the shine does wear off leaving a healthy, soft and dare I say even looking skintone. I am hooked.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post interesting… I am going to post my night time routine soon, it’s a little more complicated πŸ™‚

NJ x

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