Splendid Saturday

Saturday is without a doubt my favourite day of the week. I love Saturday as it’s the day where I get to chill out, as much as a mum of three boys can chill out. My oldest twin goes to football training but it’s his Dads job to take him so that I can more leisurely get myself and the other boys ready for the day. Then we pick Dougie up and go to a coffee shop for babyccinos with marshmallows. I love the feeling of there not being anything I absolutely have to do.

For instance they have homework and spellings that need to be done, but I always think that’s what Sundays are for! We often get a take away on a Saturday so there’s not even the issue of thinking about preparing dinner.

I know Saturdays might not always be this chilled. Fletch might want to start a sport and then Miller may even have a class he can go to eventually, so I am well and truly making the most of this splendid day of the week for as long as I can.

What’s your favourite day of the week?

NJ x

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